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Little Creatures - Bringing the Vibe to Brunswick Street

Little Creatures Dining Hall is a pumping party in a large hall on Brunswick Street. It's usually full and has one of the best vibes in Melbourne. Come here for the ambience and designer beers, with excellent food. The ambience and the beers trump the food so those that come for a fine dining experience don't always get what this place is about.

Little Creatures is loud, colourful, fun and vibrant. All full when I arrived on a Saturday afternoon. Having been here 6 months earlier it seemed it has become even more popular. 

The hall is super large and features intimate booths, a white picket fence at the top of the room above, cool lighting, red coloured pipes along the wall, some lounges and casual chairs, various dining sections and a sea of people and noise. In the background cool tracks are being played adding to the vibe.

The menu items are serviceable but in a way are great dishes to accompany the beer. Grab some mussels or designer pizza or a ploughman's lunch. Even simple chips might do. Possibly the pick is the confit pork belly.

The coffee is also excellent here and holds its own on coffee excellent Brunswick Street.

But the main attraction is the beer. The Little Creatures Pale Ale is the star of the show. The website says this is based on the American super hoppy pale ales style. They throw bag loads of whole hop flowers into the process. Preservative and additive free.


Also try the Single Batch which was being promoted when I visited, or the Bright Ale or Pilsner or Rogers Beer. A great selection and a very long bar. Very few stools at the bar so you need to stand up old style.

Staff are engaging and friendly, and must be under alot of pressure given the packed room. 

Little Creatures brings the romance to the brewing scene. Check out the display of the brewing process.

Check out the Little Creatures bikes out the front, and the cool garden. 


Little Creatures Dining Hall is a place that brings the vibe on Brunswick Street and does what it aims to do well.



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