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Lentil As Anything - A Social and Culinary Sensation


Wandered down to Abbottsford on a Saturday morning to rendezvous with a large group of friends. We were looking for a different breakfast experience – something that would stand out from the pack! Lentil As anything had the reputation of great food but also innovatively addressing social need and social responsibility.

Lentil As Anything speaks of food, culture and community. The website says “Lentil As Anything is a unique not for profit organisation. At our core are the pay as you feel restaurants where customers give what they feel the food is worth and have the opportunity to donate towards the philosophy”. Lentil As Anything are represented in St Kilda, Abbotsford and Footscray. They speak of “dignity above profits” and channel funds into various social projects.

Breakfast is only served at the Abbotsford location (also serve lunch and dinner). The other locations are only open for lunch and dinner.

I was struck by the beauty of the Convent with high ceilings and amazing architecture. This is a large restaurant with 150 seats. And it has a great buzz on a Saturday morning!

Food is sourced from local suppliers and is prepared on site We ordered a selection of dishes and they were all very tasty. The Sri Lankan Farmer’s Breakfast was recommended and is something really different from our usual breakfast fare – thin pancake filled with spiced potatoes, served with yoghurt raita and tomato chutney. Yum! Had some real tang!

I also enjoyed the Sweet Lace Pancake – featuring thin pancake topped with stewed fruit, served with cream and your choice of chocolate or maple syrup. We went the chocolate! This was a great breakfast option!

As a meat lover I have great respect for this vegetarian restaurant! Love the social action behind it all with funds to charity. Loved my Saturday breakfast there with a group. Everyone was happy!

I noticed several people around the restaurant a little unsure about the payment procedure. Awkward if you go there with a credit card! Some had to go off to ATM’s or get change from other stores, - then come back just to get the right amount of cash.

What a buzz around the Convent on a Saturday morning! Lots of fresh produce and market atmosphere1 Very chilled vibe inside Lentil As Anything! A bit of confusion over orders at this restaurant but who cares! Pay by donation is a great concept – but I’m still not sure how that stays profitable! The generous must make up for the rest! Love the multiculturalism of the waiting staff! Simple food but great food! Coffee was great also! I understand the lunch and dinner sessions are often served buffet style.

The Lentil As anything experience even goes further – live music, world music, films and artworks are often featured – especially at Abbotsford. Love it!

Lentil As Anything, 1 St Heliers St Abbotsford (Convent) – Café/Restaurant - Food 8.5 Coffee 8.5 Ambience 9


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Wednesday, 07 October 2015
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