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Le Chien - Chairman of the Board


Le Chien is a funky almost grungy cafe in Seddon that pleases with its sharp service and brilliant cuisine and coffee. Set back from the main strip, Le Chien is an interesting place to meet friends and is more alternative than commercial. A highlight is the sophisticated art on the wall and the tribute to Iggy Pop. The small portrait of Iggy Pop comes with the caption "I wanna be your dog." Of course Le Chien is French for "dog" - my French is brilliant I know. But I immediately recognised the reference to the song "I'm bored" by Iggy Pop, a song we used to play in my time with band The TV Dinners. Iggy pouts and exclaims he is "living like a dog...." I won't quote the rest of the song...


Le Chien serves up some of the best coffee in the precinct. Sit and imbibe the kind of 60s cool here with dark tables, retro benches and the artwork. A large board details the daily specials.


Enjoying the alternative vibe of Le Chien I ordered the Home made beans with the Cumberland sausage on sourdough. These guys really understand breakfast. There may be delicate options on the menu but I was impressed by options such as the above, and the Welsh rarebit cheese on toast.


The service at Le Chien was first class during my visit with a chatty English guy keen to please. The cafe was well patronised on a weekday morning. If I was a local I'd come here often. The outdoor area also caught my eye as a cool place to check my emails and dine.


Seddon itself is a cool destination with a hub of amazing cafes and coffee destinations and Le Chien is around the top of the tree. I could imagine Iggy Pop enjoying Le Chien. Recommended.

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