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Ladro and the Melbourne Pizza Festival


Ladro is a gem on Gertrude St delivering a casual yet fabulous dining experience and some of the best pizza and pasta in Melbourne. We were there for the Melbourne Pizza Festival running in June - showcasing top notch Melbourne pizza establishments. Ladro has been one of the top pizza houses in Melbourne for several years. My previous function here was with family where we enjoyed the spaciousness of the large table that could accommodate all 9 of us.
Here at the Pizza Festival the restaurant is packed and cheerful (pizza does that methinks) and Matteos the festival organiser is in his element. A personable guy he has brought together the best pizza houses in Melbourne - but his question always seems to be "how was the pizza?"
What do you look for in a gourmet pizza? Well definitely it’s about a whole lot more than just how many ingredients are on your pizza! Certainly when it comes to the Italian experience! You look for gourmet ingredients and interesting artisan made pizzas. You look for wood oven perfection and that the crust is not burned. You look for thin and crispy quality bases. Ladro gets the big tick on all this. 


Check out the wood oven in full flight...


As part of the Pizza Festival Ladro offered a selection of its fabulous pizzas with a glass of wine for only $20... A great deal.


Interesting gourmet pizzas – the menu sometimes changes according to seasons and design! Great pizzas including San Daniele with gorgonzola, leek, parsley and basil.  Any pizza with gorgonzola is a hit. Also popular are the Salumi cured meat (you can even choose air cured Wagyu beef or top notch Prosciutto or Salami) and the Porcini pizzas.
I like the pork sausage Badabing and the lemon garlic prawn Gamberi Pisseli.  A key is the pizza crust and here it is great. Vive the wood fire pizza.
Let's be clear - it's not just about pizza at Ladro even though it's so good. Ladro have a comprehensive menu and deliver on dishes including great Ravioli, Risotto, Pesce and Tortellini filled with ox tongue! The pasta is hand made - a mission of love by Zia. 
Check out the Badabing below... I sat at the bar and demolished this baby...



Love the Italian sausage of the Badabing as well as the delicious base and kick of chilli... And I'm in love with sweet tomato sugo...


Ladro serves up fresh gourmet ingredients...


A glass of Italian wine goes so well with fine pizza...


Staff are cheerful and provide excellent service. They can also pour a great strong latte from the Wega...


Love the modern décor. Love the marble tables, retro tiles, white walls and flower arrangements. Love the courtyard out the back with exposed brick and cool plants. Love the location on Gertrude St! We even got a park outside! It’s a little more upmarket than most pizza houses here being on iconic Gertrude St!


Ladro looks chic at night with dim lighting and pendants...



Ladro has a great kitchen staff and the chef has an excellent pizza philosophy - they don't overdo it but keep to the Italian style. They use the best local and sustainable ingredients as well as source produce from Italy.


I spent some time at the invitation of the owner imbibing the kitchen action on a busy night...



Ladro has a certain sophistication but also a rustic charm... It gets burning hot around the oven and the strong heat enables the crispness of the pizza.


Ladro has 2 locations - Gertrude St Fitzroy as well as Greville St Prahran...

Check out their website at – it’s a classic with an old Italian black and white movie!

Ladro, 224 Gertrude St Fitzroy – Italian/Pizza - Food 9.5 Ambience 9


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