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Koko Black - Chocolate and Class


Koko Black is a Chocolate house of note, producing some of the finest chocolate in Melbourne since 2003. With several stores now, the empire is expanding! So cool to see them in Block Arcade – so iconic! Having been to three of the stores I find the quality consistently great!

Working in a sophisticated IT environment doesn’t lend itself to bad chocolate. Therefore often we are treated in our office to Koko Black products by an IT legend known to his colleagues as “the crown jewels”. He is a world wide web expert but also has a penchant for Pho, farmhouse ciders and fine chocolate. We are often treated by “the crown jewels” to the 36 piece gift box – possibly expensive but amazing quality!

Koko Black is one of those Chocolate houses who not only produce amazing chocolate but their presentation is first class. Hence I have delighted in purchasing gift box chocolate for my wife from Koko Black. A selection of bar blocks is awesome because there’s excellent variety – either select your own combinations or select a pre-packed option! When you think of gift giving a great place to purchase a great gift is Koko Black!

My favourite is the chocolate dipped in candied oranges!!! Sublime!!!

So many options! Milk! Dark! Milk and Dark! Dark 80%! Dark 54%! The list goes on… I also notice the whole “single origin” craze extends to chocolate – grab your single origin Mexican or something from Madagascar!

Staff are friendly and helpful when it comes to chocolate advice and product selection. They understand the mindsets of chocoholics…

Koko Black offers great creamy Belgian hot chocolates for that fix you crave for! They also offer things like Mousse, Iced Chocolates, Affogato (my penchant) and individual chocolates and truffles. Or if you’re a coffee addict like me, they offer St Ali specialty coffee! Sensational!

They have a great children’s department to cater for children (who love their chocolate fix as much as adults). The Carlton store is near my office and the Doncaster store is near my home. Love it!



Koko Black 335 Bourke Street CBD and others – House of Fine Chocolate - Food 9.5 Ambience 9.5



Koko Black on Urbanspoon Koko Black on Urbanspoon Koko Black on Urbanspoon

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