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J Cafe - Melbourne Sushi Burger Sensation

J Cafe is a superb Japanese cafe on Exhibition that thrills with its creative and tasty sushi burgers and salads. The combination of a sushi burger and a fresh classy salad is a sublime option for the hungry office worker. I'd heard about these sushi burgers but it took me too long to pay a visit. Melbourne has several excellent value Japanese cafe restaurants in the CBD which are well patronised by students.

J Cafe Restaurant is popular with students but also with a high proportion of surrounding professionals. I was superimpressed by the care, the quality of cuisine, the healthiness and the value of J Cafe. Oh and the service is great also - attentive, friendly and the meals prepared quickly.


J Cafe have a great selection of sushi on offer, shown here at the cabinet. They also feature some excellent Japanese dishes on the menu such as gyoza or a bento. 

But the star of the show is the sushi burger. What a great concept the sushi burger is. Melbourne is in a burger renaissance and these burgers are fair contenders for Melbourne's best burger. (Although you might need to eat 2 of them as they are small-medium). The seaweed casing with sticky sushi rice as the burger bun, then imaginative fillings inside.

The Soft crab sushi burger is one of Melbourne's cheap eat delights at $6.50.  Indulge in perfectly cooked soft crab, with its form stunning for visual appeal, and a crispiness on the outside to complement the soft inside. It's just so good!

The Smoked salmon salad was also a treat and a steal for an extra $3 in a lunch special (limited time only?). I would pay $6 or $7 for this salad on its own. Good portion of salmon with potato salad, orange, broccoli and pasta.

Check out these salads...

What a lunch for under $10! And I'm keen to try some other burgers and salads.

I visit a lot of places but J Cafe Restaurant grabbed my attention for great clean food at a value price point.


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