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I Love Pho 264 - Popular Pho in Victoria Street


There is something marvellous about a well put together pho. And at I Love Pho 264 on Victoria St you can enjoy top notch pho at reasonable prices. Few things are better than a flavoursome broth (some fat but not too fatty), quality and quantity of meat cuts, awesome rice noodles and the bonus of crunchy shoots and mint and lime. Then choose your level of chilli.

Being a seasoned pho journeyman I rate this place. For a start the restaurant itself is cool with its colours and artwork and board with the menu options.


Free tea is a kind of standard on Victoria St and is welcome.

Choose your size of pho - small, medium or large. Service is table service and friendly.

Even the medium sized pho is a decent size and a superb lunch. I went for the chicken and beef combo because I love it all. I love the feeling of contentment after a pho. I love the aroma of a pho. I love the interaction of placing ingredients into the pho from the side plate.


But I've never managed to eat a pho properly with etiquette. I just lose myself in the bowl and slurp. And slurp I did at I Love Pho 264.

They have a great range of dishes but their name sends a clear message that this is a pho haven. Highly recommended.



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