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Hook Line And Sinker - Fish and Chips Delight in Glen Waverley

Hook Line and Sinker is surely a contender for best fish and chip shop in Melbourne. The food is excellent for a start, and the range comprehensive. It's important to me to have great fish and chip shop options in my part of the city. Bravo Hook Line and Sinker!

Walk in and be impressed. The shop is clean, even artistic - with ever popular exposed brick walls and concrete floor. Check out the menu on the large board. The tables are not too close together for a fast food joint. In fact the vibe is more of fine dining than fast food.

The service is exceptional and friendly. Our waitress was even able to help out the kids with some colouring in materials...


Hook Line and Sinker has some great family packs including the one we devoured. They actually feed a family with decent portions! The fish was fresh and the batter not too greasy. The chips were golden and perfectly cooked. (Again, not to greasy). Even some greenery - surely not micro herbs?

Yay for minimal grease. This is a modern day fish and chip joint that has abandoned the foibles of old school approaches.

Dim Sims are delightful and not too dry (a feature rather than a tacked on shrivelled item as in some places). Potato cakes are top notch. The seafood sticks are tasty (although I'm not usually a fan of these). And they offer a range of sauces including a winner tartare...


Hook Line and Sinker also offer kids options, burgers, souvlaki and some appealing summer specials. They even have healthy options like grilled packs, skewers and salads. Check out the Bikini Pack... These guys do it all. And let me not forget - they have a host of gluten free options. Definitely a modern day fish and chip joint!

Nice to see the colouring in materials above have a sea theme...


Hook Line and Sinker also has alfresco dining in the Kingsway precinct of Glen Waverley. Enjoy the ambience with a beer...

I fell for Hook, Line and Sinker as a value and quality fish and chip shop in the eastern suburbs. I'm no stranger to fish and chip shops and Hook Line and Sinker is a standout. 


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Monday, 05 October 2015
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