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Hausfrau in Yarraville


Hausfrau Bakery and Cakes is a stunning large bakery in Yarraville that oozes elegance and character. Popular with the locals it's a great option for a meal or coffee, with gourmet cuisine at reasonable prices. These are foodie people with a passion.


Walk in to a bright space and make your way to the display cabinets. Hausfrau has compelling selections such as gourmet baguettes, quiches, salads, pies and delectable cakes. The kitchen out the back is expansive and lends itself to creativity and variety. The theme is European and the class of this place belies that of the average bakery.


I enjoyed this amazing pot roasted pork in toasted Turkish bread with plum relish. So good!


Hausfrau is also a perfect cafe to pick up your impressive large cake to take away.  I grabbed both the Lime pie and the Blue cheese and leek quiche. Staff are friendly and cope with the high volume of customers well - even charming.


Apart from the food, the attraction of Hausfrau is the delightful ambience. The feel is like 60s cool with retro furniture, vinyl flooring, quirky objects on the walls, lampshades, cushions, and chic tiles. Hausfrau gets packed out at lunch times and the cafe is buzzing.


Hausfrau is a standout in Yarraville, a suburb brimming with cafes. 

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