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Grill'd New Coat of Arms Burger A Hit

To celebrate Australia Day, Grill'd has created the world's first Coat of Arms burger (that we know of) allowing hungry Australians to eat their national emblem. The unique burger features a delicious blend of lean kangaroo and emu, along with with a host of other premium Australian-sourced ingredients - including award-winning Meredith Dairy goats cheese, bush tomato relish and native thyme mayo.

I rocked up by invitation to the store at 369 Little Bourke St on Friday to partake of this exciting new Grill'd (limited time only) offering. We had to give a code name to the kitchen staff to get a free new Coat of Arms burger (we are young and free)...

I admit I already enjoy Grill'd burgers as being tasty, healthy and great value. The result for the Coat of Arms was a resounding "yes" for freshness, creativity and a balance of flavours that works. It's great mate!

The kangaroo and emu patty was tasty but not overpowering with "gaminess". I enjoyed the fruity relish and spicy mayo and am always a fan of Meredith Dairy goat cheese. These complement the patty well.

The store here was packed and a line up at the Counter. Grill'd has managed to keep its popularity over many years.

Grill'd never cruise on their reputation but are always looking to bring new burgers to complement their excellent staple line up. For me The Coat of Arms is a winner and is a great celebration leading up to Australia Day. Good on ya Grill'd!


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