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Green Refectory - Home Made and Hipster

Green Refectory is one of the most ambient, reasonably priced, hipster cafes in Melbourne and thrills with its home made creations. The large blackboard teems with interesting cuisine from the famous Breakfast stack (remarkable $10) to wraps, burritos and chunky home made pies. The line up here at 4.30pm on a weekday was akin to Gate 3 at the MCG during a final. These guys are superpopular and for good reason...


Enter and grab yourself a bottle of water from the fridge then sit down at one of the chunky old timber tables and admire the Amor artwork, the exposed brick walls, floral arrangements, the staff rushing around, the chandelier and other quirky pieces and art. Even the table/order marker is a quirky small piece of square canvas. Here we have quirk and mismatch that works in a shabby chic kind of way...


Green Refectory makes a decent coffee. I was able to sit back and relax with the kids after our outing to Scienceworks. All three of us sat on the same side of the table facing the counter. I've trained them well. Green Refectory has some excellent menu options for kids such as pies and sushi...


Here is the famous Breakfast stack that I was pleased to devour at 4.30pm... I enjoyed the assortment of ingredients including a good amount of haloumi, tomato, egg, bacon, and spinach on a savoury cake - surrounded by a sea of tangy relish... You won't leave hungry - it's a tasty, almost sloppy hearty breakfast, to really get into... The value at $10 is amazing.


Green Refectory is a winner when it comes to pies. I must of seen a dozen pies go out in the short time we were there. The chunky beef pie with mushroom was a delight and the filling like a stroganoff inside. And the tangy relish was back (after the Stack)...


Because there are so many home made dishes it lends itself to daily specials and new things all the time, as well as the mainstays like the Breakfast stack. Green Refectory takes on so many avenues of cuisine - its not a predictable cafe. Green Refectory showing their versatility in the 2 plates of salmon and tuna sushi we odered...


Green Refectory also thrills with its cake selection. Check out the cabinet above. For only $3 we enjoyed the Vanilla slice (in the European tradition) and we are still raving about it... One of Melbourne's best.

The staff here are chatty and friendly and keen to please. Even when they delivered the meals they were engaging.

An amazing courtyard out the back is another treasure.

Green Refectory leaves with an impression and you want to return. It's engaging not pretentious. It's interesting, even eclectic. And the home made cuisine speaks of someone having pride in what they do! Highly recommended.


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