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Grace Darling - Gourmet Hotel That Rocks Out

From the outside you can't tell what a gem this is... A non descript bluestone building built in 1854 that you could easily not notice on your way down Smith St.But you walk into a wonderful world of renovated excellence and quality décor, lighting, wallpaper and entertaining/dining spaces… One of the best pub renovations and ambient spaces I have ever seen! (Love the dining area down the stairs).

Grace Darling Hotel features a chic front bar, some attractive dining areas and a band room. The food is amazing and not the normal pub fare. Recent changes to the menu still see the spectacular Chicken parma continue but with a gourmet twist! Also famous for its Wagyu burger. Right now there are pasta nights and the Shwarma Sundays featuring a charcoal grill… Coffee is also great and up to expectation.

Love it when they stoke the fire in the colder months!

Hipster bar staff all sporting beards – I felt I had a hipster deficit standing next to them... Playing The Who on the house system also scores points with me – and that it was quite loud at the time (hard to play The Who softly)...

Also popular for live bands – my mate played there recently and the place rocks!

Grace Darling Hotel, 114 Smith St Collingwood – Contemporary - Food 8.5 Coffee 8.5 Ambience 9


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Sunday, 04 October 2015
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