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Gloria Swanston's Kitchen Dude Food Haven


Dude Food is alive and well at Gloria Swanston's Kitchen at Lounge. Methinks this is a unique venue in a sea of excellent Asian options - but if you feel like dude food (and that's me often) check out Gloria Swanston's. 

The story is that in recent times the iconic Lounge venue in Swanston St has undergone an overhaul. A mainstay of the precinct it had begun to get tired and had a yesteryear appeal. But not any more. It has been reinvented if not revolutionised with a cool vibe that now makes it cutting edge. It's an iconic live band and music scene and has stepped up in the culinary stakes under the watchful eye of young guns Juri and Adrian.


Gloria Swanston's is named after the Hollywood movie star (although slightly different spelling), a model, actress and dancer. Apparently her passion was food and she was a close friend of Rudolph Valentino. The irony is that Swanson was a health food advocate - but with dude food such as Gloria Swanston's Kitchen she may have turned.


Gloria Swanston's is a diner with an American style. It's riding the American wave and the burger culture. No dumplings or pho to be found here. Mac and cheese balls for goodness sake! With spicy aoli!


Check out the gooey goodness! Gloria Swanston's hums with $10 lunch specials which compare well with specials in the precinct. While I was visiting the crowd appeared to consist of mainly corporates and students. I remember coming here with my work team from a nearby office a couple of years ago and back then the food was unremarkably plain. But this venue has stepped up since then and is now a great place for office groups and lunches. Gloria Swanston's also does well for dinner with basically the same menu as for lunch - check out Mon Parma night.


Gloria Swanston's delivers with this Kick Ass Beef Burger featuring 200g ground beef... So juicy! So good! Thick patty of quality beef and stacked with fresh ingredients of lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, bacon and double cheese (yes!) wonderfully melted over the meat. This burger is not for the fainthearted - the challenge is to finish this massive mother of a burger. Fries measured up too. Also check out the sliders, ribs and sandwiches - great American fare!


Great with a Milk Porter...


The venue has a lighter and hipper feel than it used to but still has that grungy edge.


Juri and Adrian are characters and passionate about their food, music and service...


Enter up the staircase from Swanston St...


Gloria Swanston's Kitchen is a hip and rewarding venue for all - visit for your music and dude food fix! Highly recommended!

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