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Footscray Milking Station


Footscray Milking Station is an engaging cafe located in the burbs in Footscray. Once upon a time it used to be a milking station. Unlike many other cafes it is actually right in a neighbourhood not a cafe or shopping strip. It's as local as local gets. Come here of a weekday morning and you'll be lining up for coffee - usually it's a packed house. Grab a table and be prepared for friendly service and tasty treats. I'm amazed at how well the staff do under pressure, with (nearby) Council crew enjoying a coffee or breakfast before their working day starts.


Footscray Milking Station serves up first class Padre coffee in retro cups. Enjoy the timber floor, exposed brick, tasty treats in cabinets and boards with specials. Check out the old milk bottles used for water (quaint).


Footscray Milking Station is an intimate cafe with a big personality. You do well to grab yourself a table in the morning rush hour.



Footscray Milking Station has some excellent breakfast options including the sweet treats above and the breakfast burger below with brioche, egg and bacon, guacamole, tomato and greens. Or enjoy the porridge and gourmet tarts and the scrambled sunrise with poached eggs.



For lunch enjoy a pulled pork pannini or a bowl of pasta...


Footscray Milking Station has a certain charm and is one of the picks of the West. A small retail area adds to the foodie element. Highly recommended.

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