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Federal Coffee Palace - Iconic Melbourne!

Federal Coffee Palace is a fine almost nostalgic café encased in amazing architecture and choice location at the GPO in the CBD! Ventured here for breakfast after my train was mysteriously diverted to Flinders St station instead of Melbourne Central.

Federal Coffee Palace is about the overall experience rather than just the food or coffee. An amazing ambience from this incredible building ex GPO! Apparently references back to the 1880s when coffee houses were all the rage (I understand coffee houses hark back to the Industrial Revolution and the Quakers spawned them - where people could share ideas and provide an alternative to alcohol). Of course back then there were no Slayers or Synesso’s, but there may have been single origins.


The architecture has a wow factor! When you look up you are amazed at the high ceilings and elegant cloisters. I rushed to take a photo.

The next thing was to find the service area of the café and was able to engage the waiter who directed me to a certain table. As it was a cold day, the heating was in play. This place is slightly exposed to the elements. I think it hits it’s stride more on a warm summers day.

The coffee at Federal Coffee Palace is exceptional and my latte did not disappoint. Not too milky but great consistency and well made. The hipster barista recommended a few breakfast options and I went for one of their really great croissants. Could have gone for baked eggs. They also do a great pizza here. Sitting at the cool table under the arches eating my croissant and drinking fine coffee while overlooking Bourke St was sensational!

Federal Coffee Palace, 350 Bourke St GPO, Food 8.5 Coffee 9 Ambience 9

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