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Famish'd - Super Healthy Chic Haven on Little Collins

This is one super impressive café that exceeds in every department! The chic and even cheery vibe is created via friendly staff who engage with regulars, funky music, excellent coffee from St Ali, ultra healthy food and generous portions, and a spacious modern café.

Famish’d is popular at lunchtime and offers healthy spuds and salads. It seems these days people are more health conscious – unlike my days in banking in the 1980s when it was more about gorging out and excess!

Famish’d has come up with a winning lunch strategy! With 5 ingredients added as part of the deal, you can pile up your salads or spuds to be a substantial meal. You can eat large meals here and not feel heavy or guilty! You just need to order at the counter!

The build your own salad or spud is a great concept – unless you mess it up by choosing poor flavour profiles… I think I’m “hit and miss” when it comes to building spuds! Five ingredients is too much for me to play with…

The breakfast options are great with a selection of big toasties and bagels, as well as muesli for those who enjoy healthy eating. (I stopped eating muesli several years ago and if pushed will only eat toasted muesli.)

Love the ambience here! Love the blue tinge concrete floor! Love the funky lighting! Love the timber panelling and the rendered walls! Love the large window! Love the brown and orange stools! Love the upstairs area! And again, I just love that timber panelling….

Love the large communal table! Almost mandatory in cafes these days… I also loved the flower arrangements… There was also a mini St Ali coffee promotion in the entrance leading up the stairs…

I spent breakfast eating one of their hot fresh bagels and drinking coffee. The bagel came on a wooden board which was an elaborate presentation for a bagel but appreciated. The coffee came in a mug with a little meringue – nice touch!

Loads of people rolled up for coffee and a bite. Many of them seemed regulars with staff acknowledging them by name.

The selection of macaroons and cakes also looked great! As did the gourmet muffins!

Rock on Famish’d!

Famish’d, 130 Little Collins Street CBD - Cafe - Food 9 Coffee 9 Ambience 9



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