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Europa - Elegance on Wellington

Europa is a place I've frequented many times and found to be full of personality and "very Melbourne". It may not get some of the accolades of the more salubrious and prominent cafes, but Europa rocks in its own way. For a start it draws plenty of regulars. I first started coming here in 2010 and found it to be a faithful and reliable cafe with a foodie emphasis.

Of course when you walk in you are struck by all the foodie product you can purchase. I was pretty close to purchasing some gourmet cous cous this week for my wife's legendary Morrocan Lamb dish. And I'm still close to buying a large mother of a packet of Padre blend coffee some day.

Staff here are friendly and accomodating. You can relax and read the paper at one of the tables, or even gaze out the window to the iconic MCG nearby.

The coffee here is excellent as they use the Padre blend. That's great news for me as I switched jobs away from my beloved League of Honest Coffee (which is a Padre giant) over the other side of the city.

At Europa you can get a great breakfast including the poached eggs on sourdough or avocado fetta on sourdough.

Europa is also an independent imported wine specialist and I always want to run through and check out the wine selection, but it's closed early in the morning.

I even think they still use decent milk which makes all the difference with coffee.

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