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Dumpling Sisters - Great Dumplings on Exhibition


Dumpling Sisters is a great Chinese restaurant that serves great dumplings and other great Asian dishes! I’ve heard this is a Melbourne stalwart so I visited looking to compare their dumplings to some of the salubrious dumpling houses around Melbourne. These guys are right up there!

I arrived for a late lunch and tried to order the mixed dumplings – but no beef! The mix was to be pork and vegetables! So I ordered the pan fried pork dumplings as I often do in dumpling houses!

As I waited they came to me with a flask of tea and a cup. Nice! I noticed a large table of work crew having a great Chinese lunch – most of the dishes they ordered weren’t dumplings. I got the impression this restaurant is basically a good Chinese restaurant! There’s some great noodle and rice options!

I enjoyed this long narrow restaurant with lanterns, Chinese artwork and a long mirror. It opens up into a larger area at the back suitable for functions. The staff are friendly and accommodating. When I told them I had to get back to the office soon they rallied and the food was quick!

The pork dumplings were superb with great filling and broth and casing with no flaws. How it should be! The only thing was the dumplings weren’t quite as crispy as some places but they were still great! And extra good with a dab of chilli! I’d rate the dumplings here as excellent and competitive with other establishments!

Dumpling Sisters229 Exhibition Street CBD – Chinese – Food 8.5 Ambience 8.5


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