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Dognation - Hot Dogs For The Nations

Dognation is part of a wave of hot dog mania taking Melbourne. The humble hot dog has gone gourmet with creative fillings which have some bite. Dognation presents a united nations look at the hot dog with 5 offerings from various nations. With these combinations there is sure to be some favourites for just about everyone.

With the success of their small outlet in The Causeway, Dognation have branched out into Russell Street and Southbank. I stumbled across the Russell Street outlet on its second day of opening and felt compelled to try a hot dog as part of my pilgrimage to find Melbourne's best hot dog.

The Tokyo Dog looked great with pork and beef sausage wrapped in 'nori' seaweed, miso-infused mushrooms, wasabi, japanses mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, and 'nori' flakes.

The London 'Bangers and Mash' Dog and the Berlin Dog also looked tempting. The staff on hand recommended the Melbourne Dog with Aussie beef and tomato relish sausage, tomato sauce, mustard, onion, cheese, and beetroot relish. But I'm used to Aussie flavours. So I opted for the Mexico City Chilli Dog. C'mon we all love a great chilli dog.

The Mexico Chilli Dog was an excellent choice, featuring a mexican beef, pork and bean sausage. This sausage was outstanding - tasty, thick and served hot. The spicy chilli con carne filling was also excellent but could have been a tad warmer. The flavour combination was spot on with a sprinkling of cheese and the kick of jalapenos.

I lost some of the kick of my Chilli Dog as the jalapenos rolled off the top of my hot dog as soon as I picked it up, onto the table (despite my best efforts).

The two choices of bread are white or multigrain.

A popular side is the Dognation's potato mash and gravy.

Adding to the fun, the hot dogs are matched with soft drinks of all nations. I'm not really in to soft drinks myself but I appreciate the diversity and taste around it.

At around $9 these hot dogs are on a par with similar gourmet hot dogs in the city. The only thing is, the hot dog was excellent but I still felt a bit hungry afterwards.

Dognation is a great place for a gourmet hot dog and up there for Melbourne's best hot dog.


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