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Di Bella Coffee Roasting - Coffee Icons in North Melbourne


Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse is an iconic coffee house in North Melbourne that supplies top shelf coffee to cafes near and far. In fact its really the standout café for Queensland based Di Bella Roasters. These guys carry a sense of fun and finery – the coffee is excellent and the fit out with exposed brick and timber features appealing.

You walk in to a large spacious café with a buzz of activity featuring aproned staff and baristas servicing a ton of regulars and newbies. All along the wall of exposed brick are punters waiting for their coffee. There’s plenty of noise as loud conversation and the whirring of espresso machines and tamper tapping fills the room, all amplified by concrete floors and the brick. You can sit on a stool nearby and watch the scene.

Alluring coffee blends can be seen along the counter. And if you want to go all the way, every conceivable coffee equipment and merchandise is for sale. These guys are coffee purists and are passionate.

There’s also a larger than life guy called Kevin who adds life to the already pumping scene. He said hi to me on my first visit and I felt duly welcomed. Staff are so friendly – it feels like one big happy family. Welcomed is the recent practice of table service rather than ordering at the counter. Yeah baby! And you appreciate cafes that have been top of the tree for years in the industry.

It’s not just coffee, don’t underestimate the food here which is fantastic. I ordered the salmon and avocado bagel for breakfast. It was amazing with loads of salmon and large amounts of avocado on a cracking bagel. Another time I had simple fruit toast which was also great.

The coffee is of course top class. I enjoyed a large latte while my friend enjoyed a long machiatto. We enjoyed a Tanzanian single origin while the house blend is also great.

You can settle into different areas of this large café including a coffee garden lounge area. Very cool.

The tiles on the kitchen are superb, as are the timber treatments throughout.

Di Bella has a sense of fun with loud 80s music playing and Fox Sports on the big screen. I was able to watch all the goals from Arsenal’s drubbing of Blackburn the night before. Thanks Di Bella’s!

Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse 19-21 Leveson Street North Melbourne – Cafe - Food 9 Coffee 9.5 Ambience 9


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