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Degraves Espresso - Great Cafe on Iconic Degraves St

Degraves Espresso is an iconic cafe in an iconic precinct on Degraves Street. It's a cafe many Melburnians know and have been to and enjoy. This cafe is in the heart of Degraves and is a place to be seen with an air of chic and coolness. Joining the long line to get a coffee on the weekend was an experience. Such an eclectic line of bohemians. Coming here is an occasion. 

The coffee matches the ambience and is seriously good. The barista is also quick and served a long line of people in no time without sacrifice to the coffee.

Come here for great breakfasts including eggs benedict, fruit toast, French Toast, bacon and eggs or the Big breakfast. Later in the day they serve tapas.

The staff are funky and engaging.

For me Melbourne cafes are as much about ambience as about the kitchen and Degraves Espresso has this in spades.


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Saturday, 10 October 2015
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