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Darac Bar and Grill - Korean Bliss in A'Beckett

Darac Grill and Bar is a fabulous Korean restaurant in A’Beckett St CBD and a class above many others. This is a place that visits the fine dining realm with great ambience and smart service.

The great vibe is as decent as the superb food and service. This place is full of quirky items from suspended aeroplanes to old sewing machines. Funky music plays while loud conversation fills the room. Someone planned this place well because everything hums nicely.

Get out your pencil and creatively fill in the lunch menu. You know you’ve been working with documents all morning – here’s a chance to really make it count. The lunch special is fantastic with a choice within each of 3 options - from the rice to the main and finally the side dish. Staff were accommodating in helping me make my choices – I always want to know what is the popular dish to go for.

I ordered the dumplings as entree on one occasion and the octopus as the entrée (could have gone for crab meat) on another occasion. As well as steamed rice and the pork belly both times.  The food was sensational and well presented. The dumplings are tasty albeit small. The octopus balls were delicate and flavoursome. The rice was cooked to perfection. And the pork belly was also done well, not dry, but marinated superbly and cooked wonderfully. It was all graced with a tasty small salad.  I thought there and then that I will rave about this place.

The ambience is cool throughout with the open kitchen, distressed look tables, the mismatched lamps, the cartoon on the wall and that cardboard moose. So much going on. You can also sit out the front and enjoy the ambience of A’Beckett Street.

I eyed this place off as a great venue for groups or even a romantic evening.

Darac Bar and Grill 51 A’Beckett Street CBD - Korean - Food 9 Ambience 9


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