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Coin Laundry - Suburban Bliss!


Coin Laundry is one of the best cafes in the eastern suburbs! I’m still raving about the fantastic food, the great service, the top notch coffee and the buzz! Only trumped by the company at this brunch – Mark the finance CEO who works in Armadale is an inspiration!

I still remember coin laundry’s from my childhood as dingy, dark, grotty places full of weird smells. Hence the transformation of this coin laundry is some kind of miracle! I remember in the coin laundries of the 70s you had to watch your clothes really carefully lest someone steal your favourite pair of levis. Also remember the coin slots, grimy as! Yes, you’d have to say someone had a lot of foresight to convert this great facility into a humming uber cool café.

I traversed Melbourne to get to this gem! So good to catch the train from Richmond to Armadale and find the Coin Laundry right across the road. By the way I love how the Frankston Line goes through Toorak (no offence to Frankston).

The Coin Laundry is nestled in suburban bliss in a great leafy neighbourhood. I’m told it’s always packed and this day (pre 8am) was no exception. I was thrilled to score a table by a large window with the sun streaming in. Love the sense of space here! And when the sun gets too much they lower the blinds.

First thing I did on arrival was order a coffee (while waiting for my friend). Great coffee here – my large latte was exceptional in strength, consistency and flavour. Might get me another one of those!

I also considered moving to the attractive looking outdoor area – but ss it was cold and windy I decided to stay indoors. It would be a great option for another day! I noticed the crowd here ranged from trendy business types to the mother and daughter sitting at the table next to me.


My cheery friend arrived and ordered a short black, being Italian. After all, no coin laundry machines here, but a beautiful La Marzacco! Some of Italy’s finest machinery making for great coffee! I remarked how wonderful Coin Laundry was – a real gem in suburbia! He told me the line up at lunchtimes is crazy!

Love everything about the Coin Laundry! From the exposed brick wall, to the cool fabric on the ceiling, to the distressed grungy tables! Love the wooden chairs and the naked bulb lighting! And the sense of space is enhanced with high ceilings and white walls!

Then there is the ambience of the timber bench against the window so you can face your friend and see the barista’s at work. Cool jazzy music added to the ambience!

The menu here is imaginative and shows flair! How about Caramelised French Toast Soldiers with Canadian Maple Syrup and Crispy Bacon? Or Ricotta and Sweet Corn Fitters with poached egg, avocado, corn and tomato salsa!

I heard a guy at the next table hesitate at the large Coin Laundry breakfast because it looked huge – with the waiter commenting that “we don’t muck around with the big breakfast!” The Coin Laundry breakfast comes with smashed avocado, roma tomatoes, bacon, beetroot relish, baby spinach and poached eggs.

I ordered the House Cured Ocean Trout breakfast – which I highly recommend as something different to the usual breakfast option. The House Cured Ocean Trout came with perfectly cooked poached egg on top of an amazing stack – which was sublime enough! But the accompaniments of spinach, beetroot relish and zucchini were amazing! And as for the home made potato rosti (ie golden hash brown)! Each element was great in its own right – but the flavour combination was as robust as a coin operated washing machine at full tilt!!

My friend ordered a simple breakfast of sourdough with eggs – also well accomplished! Then it was time for another great coffee! I can also rave about the service, which was friendly, attentive and energetic!


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