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Claypot King - Claypot Specialist on Swanston


Claypot King is a serviceable restaurant on Swanston that specialises in claypot dishes. They do a good job of providing friendly and quick service and excellent claypots.

A good claypot should have that crispy rice at the bottom – which these guys do! The rice should also be cooked well – which these guys do! I ordered the pork ribs on top – which were well cooked and delish but I think it needed one or two more ribs. The amount of “filling” on top of the claypot was a bit less than what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong – it was more than enough for lunch and for the price – but needs to be more generous.

Also popular here is the salted fish and chicken, as well as laksa and curries.

I enjoy the ambience here with timber tables, dark timber floor and low ceilings. This place is narrow but there’s a wider more expansive area out the back! Love the sound of the clicking of chopsticks as well as pop playing over the radio! Claypot King seemed frequented by city workers and students.

Claypot King229 Exhibition Street CBD – Chinese – Food 9 Ambience 9


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