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City Wine Shop - Melbourne Icon!



Next door to The European and part of the same fantastic umbrella. Once again it feels like you’re in a wine shop in Italy. Not that I’ve been there for a few years! I came here to the top end of town to meet up with my boss for breakfast - who is a regular here nearly every morning. Felt like I was on the set of Cheers with regular’s describing it as Sam’s place… And Sam is a dude!

City Wine Shop feels like classic elegant iconic Melbourne. Nouveau cafes may come and go but a place like City Wine Shop has a distinct Melbourne kind of ambience.

Driven by Con Christopoulos and Joshua Brisbane, you can see these guys know what they’re doing with all things food and wine! (I’m an ex wine industry guy). My boss and I were joined by an ex workmate and we had an extended session enjoying the ambience, some great breakfast, and a coffee or three! Couldn’t find a big breakfast option on the menu so had to settle for toasted sandwich and fruit toast. I want to come back to try the legendary chicken schnitzel and Italian coleslaw for lunch!



Check out the wine wall here – this place knows its wines and sells more the premium variety. You can also order some interesting mixed dozens including a high proportion of European wine. It also sells wines by the glass (huge selection) at the bar! Wines come with some sophisticated food like terrines and duck parfait.  Daily specials are put up on the blackboard (blackboards everywhere) and express great cuisine of Europe.

Love the precinct with iconic stately buildings such as Parliament nearby. Love how you can enjoy the ambience at an outside table on Spring St on a sunny Melbourne day! Love the cool wooden flooring! Love the bar area with stools to sit and talk with friends and staff! Love the room out the back used as an overflow, and the large communal table! City Wine Shop has won awards for its quality wine list, including Age Food Guide short wine list.


City Wine Shop, 159 Spring St – Wine Shop/Restaurant – Food 9 Coffee 9 Ambience 9

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