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Chilli India - Surprising Quality in Melbourne Central

Chilli India is an outstanding haven for quality and value Indian cuisine! My friend and I visited this eatery thinking it might be of food court quality – we were so wrong! The quality is exceptional for the price and is as good as many more salubrious and expensive Indian restaurants in Melbourne.

My friend ordered a Moong Dosa which is like an Indian crepe. Firstly, it was surprising to even see this traditional dish on the menu! The filling with potato looked amazing! As did the sauces for dipping the crepe in! My friend couldn’t believe this was Melbourne and not somewhere in Southern India! In fact she’d made the same dish at home 2 nights before and didn’t dream you could get it here! It took a little longer to make but the waiter duly brought it to our table after about 10 minutes.

I ordered the lunch special promoted as the “amazing” lunch special. In fact it lived up to it’s name! For under $9 you got 2 curries and rice – in fact a meat curry (I chose Rogan Josh) and a vegetarian curry, with rice, yoghurt, papadum and roti! Great price but how about the quality? Excellent! For not much more you can get 3 curries!

Curries are great! In fact I loved the vegetarian curry - this non vegetarian could have eaten it on its own! Chunks of potato and pumpkin and spices and other tasty ingredients – it was so delish! The Rogan Josh was also great with tender (not dry) meat.

The ambience in modern Menzies Alley is also first class. There’s a buzz! It’s not hard to work out why! I found the service to be excellent! You have to order at the counter and you’re given a meal on a tray. You then grab your cutlery and try and find a table. But the staff behind the counter were helpful as they explained meals to me (wasn’t sure which vegetarian curry to pick) and the amount of spice in the meals. Personally I love them spiced up!

Chilli India is a winner! Keen to return!

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