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Carlton Espresso - Chic Italian on Lygon Street


Carlton Espresso is part of the DOC group and is a slick, popular and impressive café on iconic Lygon Street. The coffee is excellent, the food appealing and the service comes with style. It feels like a great Italian experience! We could well be somewhere in Italy!

This place honestly excites me! I’ve been on a mission to find my favourite places on Lygon Street. I’ve had some hits and some misses. But now I’m loving the modern Italian chic of Carlton Espresso!

Love the breakfast options including panino with free range egg and pricini pancetta! So good! The egg was still runny and exploded in my mouth upon consumption. Or try the panino with spinach and pecorino! Love sitting outside at one of the timber round tables on Lygon Street enjoying the ambience!

It’s awesome that breakfast starts from 7am here! Other cafes please take note! You can even score a focaccia from 7am including exciting options such as San Daniele with prosciutto fontina cheese and rocket! Also superb piadina made on the premises. Saw the guy making the food inside – was impressive!

Carlton Espresso serves excellent coffee with strength but also great silky crema! I enjoyed a large latte which came in a long thin glass. Of course they offer great biscotti and cakes with the coffee.

Lunch options also include great pasta dishes that are house made! And pizza by the slice.

Here at Carlton Espresso you order at the bar, which is quite a long one! The staff are charming and upbeat! I found the service to be excellent with a little bit of Italian cheeky (ifthat’s the right expression).

Love the spacious chic ambience here! Love the arches! Love the sight of amazing produce everywhere you look! Love the robust Italian staff with accents!

Carlton Espresso is a standout on Lygon Street!

Carlton Espresso 326 Lygon Street CBD – Italian Cafe - Food 9 Coffee 9 Ambience 9.5


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