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Campos - Sydney Sensation Delivers in Carlton


Sydney sensation Campos has been operating a super impressive café in trendy Elgin St Carlton! Come here for chic ambience, great coffee and friendly hipsters! Unfortunately Campos wasn’t around when I used to work on Rathdowne Street some time ago. Elgin Street has developed as a real café scene in recent times and Campos is a high point in the precinct.

Everything at Campos is a resounding triumph! The coffee was one of the best I’d had for a while. I ordered a latte and rolled with their standard blend – great crema with nutty characteristics. Loved both the strength and complexity of the coffee! With Slayer, siphon bar, cold drip and La Marzocco weaponry, these highly skilled baristas have all the hardware one could ever need for coffee bliss!

The staff are knowledgeable and super friendly! I was impressed to be so warmly engaged when I entered Campos and then the connection continued throughout.

Love the concrete floor, the uber décor with timbers and the exposed brick wall! Love the use of stools and tables! High round tables and stools! Long counter by the window and stools! Love the funky lighting! And really love the green/lime themes…

Eclectic music was playing adding to the ambience. I describe it as a “feel good” kind of place! I enjoyed one of their croissants with my coffee.

Campos is a specialist coffee house through and through – love this from their website -  “We are currently in Ethiopia meeting (and thanking!) the Specialty Farmers in the country where coffee began.  The trip has been inspirational and their coffees look to be very impressive for this year's harvest.  We visited farms in Lekempte, Limu, Yirga Cheffe, and Sidamo.  Always a pleasure to see the coffee being picked from trees in very lush rainforest with lots of fauna (particularly baboons and monkeys!).  The coffee industry feels charged as a result of the high prices being fetched by the world market and there is a great deal of innovation going on in all the regions.  There is also an even bigger emphasis on the social responsibility projects this year. Overall, everything is heading in a good direction and the farms we use are in the lead.”

Of course, coffee product and accessories can be purchased. This coffee house delivers in all aspects!

Campos, 144 Elgin St – Carlton - Food 8.5 Coffee 9.5 Ambience 9


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Guest - Vanessa bet on Wednesday, 11 January 2012 11:31

I'm from Sydney and nothing beats Campos coffee. So great to be able to order my beans online too.

I'm from Sydney and nothing beats Campos coffee. So great to be able to order my beans online too.
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Wednesday, 14 October 2015
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