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Cafenatics - Great Coffee Group in Melbourne!

One of my favourite breakfast places because of the focus on great coffee and simple menu choices. Seriously this is one of the best coffee houses in Melbourne! Cafenatics have quite a few outlets around Melbourne (currently 9 so they must be doing something right) including a great cafe in QV, excellent cafe at 500 Bourke and a vibey cafe in Docklands (always packed, great decor and excellent food options and the best coffee in the area).

They won Australia’s best coffee chain award in 2010 and I find the quality of coffee consistently high.

The coffee is exceptional! In fact if there were a blind tasting I reckon their coffee would come out on top! It gets me every time! I walk in to work on a high ready to hit that pile of emails with a smile! Cafenatics use La Marzocco machines from Italy.

For a while this was my stock standard before work breakfast joint. You can usually score a table early in the morning (with a lot of people ordering take away). Always play the up tempo music I like at this café. A bit of Chilli Peppers doesn’t hurt anyone’s morning.

One of my breakfast favourites is their creamy egg and bacon ciabatta with a bbq sauce. I liked the fact I could get a huge bowl of amazing coffee and half a ciabatta for under $8.They also have great paninis and flatbreads for lunch.

The service is great because it’s quick and Staff are friendly. I often asked them to supply a knife and fork with the ciabatta after having been standing on the train and touching all those handrails with the nasty goobers!

Cafenatics understand the office crowd who want great coffee with simple consistently good gourmet food at a great price. No wonder there are 9 outlets in Melbourne!


Cafenatics, QV Food 8.5 Coffee 9 Ambience 8.5


Cafenatics on Urbanspoon

Cafenatics on Urbanspoon

Cafenatics on Urbanspoon

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