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Brown Sugar - How Come You Taste So Good?


“I’m no schoolboy but I know what I like!” exclaimed Mick Jagger in the famous Stones song. I wonder whether he was referring to the coffee and breakfast options at Brown Sugar café in Block Arcade.

You’ve got to love Block Arcade. Steeped in history going about 130 years when the fine citizens of the day used to “do the block” in their leisurely stroll. Today you rarely see any Melburnians taking a leisurely stroll anywhere – we are all rushing to be somewhere. Yet Block Arcade with its amazing mosaic floor and fine architecture deserves a stroll or two to take in the magnificence!

Block Place itself is a terrific laneway infused with fine cafes that seek to impress. Brown Sugar took my fancy – love the signage and the browns! And its well known that cafes in laneways are superior (tongue in cheek).

I ordered a large egg and bacon breakfast served on great Turkish Pide. It was a generous breakfast and great start to a busy day. It had a touch of gourmet. Loved the coffee – strong and great crèma.

Also known for its soups and main meals, focaccias, cakes and desserts.

A nice touch was the dreamy music playing that added to the whole retro experience. It was like the 70s meeting the 21st century. I noticed cool photos of Europe on the wall. Menu items on blackboards. And a couple of cool dry flower arrangements.

You can enjoy the ambience inside or sit out in the lane as the world rushes by.

The staff here are friendly and engaging. I noticed some regulars who had a great rapport with the staff.

All in all I was impressed with Brown Sugar! How can you taste so good?

Brown Sugar, 25 Block Place CBD - Cafe – Food 9 Coffee 9 Ambience 9



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