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Bigmama's - Great Korean/Japanese on Swanston St


Bigmama’s is a great Korean/Japanese restaurant down the end of Swanston Street in Carlton. This place is more upmarket than some of its competitors but the price is great value. It’s a funky, vibey and modern restaurant with large windows!

Love how this is a fusion of Korean and Japanese food! I can order bibimbap or if I want, Teriyaki chicken, for example. Depending on my culinary mood swings.

Having tasted it, I am super impressed with the food here – both in terms of presentation and quality. The pork on rice (simple name for it) was recommended by the waitress as popular. After a short wait the dish came in a large round bowl of bliss! The pork was not oily and superbly cooked with light batter. The omelette was sensational, light and full of ingredients. And the rice was also perfectly cooked. I loved the presentation including shredded vegetables and 2 grapes on cute coloured paper.

The miso soup was also excellent – not too thin but awesome flavours and generous seaweed in a cute bowl!

I was tempted to order the Teriyaki chicken on rice or a Bento box. Or the Karagge (fried) chicken which is extremely popular here.

Bigmama’s has the extra touch with classy chopsticks and spoon, and they have cool water bottles and proper quality glassware.

Love the cool red wall with funky lights in shape of a tree branch! Love the dark timbers of the tables, flooring and the dark timber counter! Love the use of spotlights here for mood!

The service here is really friendly. Staff are helpful in explaining dishes and generally engaging and attentive.

I’ve a feeling that most selections on the menu would be pleasing from what I saw and tasted. And most dishes are around or under $10 with Bento boxes slightly more. Bigmama’s rocks!

Bigmama’s, 466 Swanston Street CBD – French - Food 9.5  Coffee 9  Ambience 9


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Friday, 04 September 2015
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