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Bella Vedere - Sublime Restaurant in Coldstream

Bella Vedere is an iconic restaurant in the heart of the Yarra valley that is well worth the trip for city dwellers. The property oozes rustic charm and you'd think you've just landed in Tuscany.


Bella Vedere prides itself on bringing the kind of food and service you might find at the best dinner party. The menu is ever changing and the freshest ingredients are sourced. Seasonal and regional and full of flair.

This is a foodie haven. Bella Vedere brims with exciting ventures from the restaurant to the bakery, to cooking classes. 

The garden is a pleasure and should be engaged. Having beeen there a couple of times there is a ritual of strolling through the ample garden and taking in the fragrance and the beauty.

The restaurant has the feel of a country estate and boasts timber floors and furniture, and is full of natural light during the day. It's a great place to visit during your trip to the wineries in the Yarra Valley. 

The menu is ever changing but when I last visited it was Ricotta gnocchi, Bella rabbit, Braised goat, and Duck fat chips which appealed.

The desserts by selection are outstanding.

You need to book as I've had trouble getting a table when visiting spontaneously.

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