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Bar Ampere - Melbourne's Hippest Bar?


Is this Melbourne’s hippest bar?  Who else has an email address starting with aperitif@...? Bar Ampere was inspired by the early 20th Century futurism movement of Paris and Italy! Bar Ampere is also inspired by Madam Brussels and Gin Palace and Collins Quarter as part of the Vernon Chalker dynasty.

The establishment is next to a sub station in Russel Place – hence Ampere brings in an association with electrical current. Which also seems to fit in with the futurism emerging industrial theme (I’m thinking…)

I visited Bar Ampere with workmates of all things for breakfast. We were amazed Bar Ampere would be open from 7am to about 3am. Somebody has to get up really early!

Everything here is hip and stylish! The place itself is amazing! How to describe a row of hands coming out from the wall with light fittings attached? How to describe some sort of vintage circuitry board on the wall? How to describe hip tables with draws containing cutlery? This places oozes hip.

The logo is classic with the caption DANGER. MADNESS. So I was looking around the whole time to see where the danger lay…

The breakfast options were impressive. A couple of us went for the Soldiers, a humble breakfast of single boiled egg and brioche with 3 types of salt. The presentation was astonishing on a silver tray with the brioche stylishly stacked and the salts lined up to produce a visual sensation. The egg was amazing – I’m still trying to work out whether it was actually infused by something?

My colleague tells me the Croque is also good!

The coffee was also excellent. I was told it’s one size – but the one size is large!

Bar Ampere is well known for its European drink selection and overall wine list. I’m keen to try the Chicken Dreaming dish sometime or maybe some preserves. This place is slightly eccentric!

We were shown through the secret tunnel out to the Gin Palace next door (another place to meet friends for a drink). On the way we visited the newly established Swamp Room with it’s interesting furniture creating yet another space.

Service is friendly and engaging here with the barman looking immaculate at 8am with crisp shirt and neatly done up tie. He was the guy that gave us the tour.


Bar Ampere 16 Russel Place CBD – Bar/Cafe – Food 9 Coffee 9 Ambience 9.5


Bar Ampere on Urbanspoon Gin Palace on Urbanspoon

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