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Axil Coffee Roasters - Sweet Coffee Child of Mine

Axil Coffee Roasters is a classy yet slightly grungy coffee specialist in Hawthorn that can claim coffee royalty. It's been an iconic bastion on the coffee scene for several years and can claim consistency in coffee passion and quality.

Axil Coffee Roasters knows what it's doing. The staff greet you as you enter and look to find you a seat, which can be tricky on a packed Saturday morning. Each of the staff is knowledgeable in all things coffee. As we know there's a difference between a mere cafe and a coffee specialist. These guys roast their own coffee. Nuff said.

Even though the house blend is a corker the wairess promoted the Single Origin of the day to me over the house blend. The Guatamalan espresso absolutely bursted with flavour. So intense.

Ambience is awesome here with large warehouse structure, semi industrial ceiling, polished concrete floor, large floral arrangement with a strong scent on the elongated communal table, brick walls painted white, naked bulbs, and cool pot plants stacked inside a wall feature.

Enjoy corn fritters or poached eggs or indeed the great looking cakes and pastries.

Axil Coffee Roasters has a dedicated take away coffee station, which is great if the place is packed and you're in a hurry. As for me I was in a hurry - but preferred table service and to tell them I was in a hurry. And Axil Coffee Roasters kindly obliged.

Coffee product abounds here - truly a coffee lovers haven.

I'm not sure why but I connect Axil Coffee Roasters with G & R. Slightly grungy but consistent product.

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