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APTE - A Sensational Place To Eat in Alphington

APTE is a high quality friendly and vibey café with great menu options and seriously good coffee in beautiful Alphington! Everyone asks the same question, “Why is it called APTE?” APTE = a place to eat! In fact a great place to eat! I’ve been here several times with family and this place rocks!

An oasis on the Heidelberg Road, it looms on a nondescript stretch of highway. Just why APTE is popular is because the restaurant provides a brilliant vibe and great dining in the burbs! Along with the fact it’s in a central location just out of the city.

If you can get a park you’ve done well, especially on a Saturday morning! A small car park out the back means the overflow spills out on to nearby streets. You can then come around to the front entrance or roam through the pleasant outdoor area. Often hard to get a table here and often there’s a wait. In which case I’ve waited near the entrance to the outdoor area – and it’s easy to get in everyone’s way.

The courtyard is the highlight because it has such a great vibe with its tables and umbrellas and surrounding greenery. We love it on a sunny Melbourne day! APTE introduced me to the joys of shared tables. That’s because there are several of them here. Love thy neighbour! Communal tables are always good for dropping in on interesting conversation...

A menu here that would please most. Big breakfasts! Oh yeah! Some of the options include the big breakfast (which is hearty and quality with loads of bacon and big mushrooms and eggs on quality bread, spinach and a killer relish), the Spanish eggs, and my cousin’s favourite, the banana bread. Is this Melbourne’s best banana bread? Also great cake options. Excellent coffee with 5 Senses coffee and some killer single origins! Family loves it!

APTE, 538-540 Heidelberg Road Alphington – Café - Food 9 Coffee 9 Ambience 9


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