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29th Apartment - Great Vibe in St Kilda!


Cool and quirky! What an exciting and unique café on Fitzroy St! Great place to take out of towners! This is a large spacious café with several beguiling sections. You can sit by the entrance and play board games while enjoying gourmet pizza and fine coffee, sit around the old barbeque that doubles for a table or even go out to the back section to enter a world of fun and all things quirky.


I asked the manager whether a group of 11 of us could take over the back section. She said “of course, including the bath and the bed!” I haven’t seen a café quite like this! Love the bath (yes the kids can play in it)!

I noticed several groups take photos of people inside the bath! Love the bed (yes you can sit on it but not sure about taking a power nap!). Love the Statue of Liberty fish tank! And the artwork! And the board games kept near the door!  And that quirky barbeque made into a table!

I found 29th apartment refreshing with good service, spaciousness, fun décor and good menu options.

29th Apartment, 29 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda – Cafe - Food 8 Coffee 8.5 Ambience 9



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Wednesday, 14 October 2015
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